Rosebud Australia Day Fun Run 2017

rosebud-aus-day-fun-run Event: Rosebud Australia Day Fun Run
Date: Thursday the 26th January 2017
Location: Safety Beach to Rosebud
Distances: 10km
Organised by: Local Community Groups

Catering for a wide range of competitors, the Aus Day Fun Run has two start points: for the more dedicated runners there is a 10km run starting at Safety Beach; the second start point is at Dromana and is a 5.3km Run/Walk catering more towards children and families.
Both events take you along the foreshore bay trail and finish at the Village Green in Rosebud. On finishing at the Village Green there is a flag raising ceremony and presentations for all place getters in each category of the fun run. Along with plenty of fun and free family activities held on the Village Green, the fun run is a must for all sporting enthusiasts as well as family and friends looking to celebrate Australia Day on the Mornington Peninsula.

Rosebud Australia Day Fun Run 2017.
The plan was to go out and hold c. 4:00 km pace for the whole 10km, but the legs were not up to it today. From about 6.5km the legs became heavy and the pace dropped further finishing with an average pace of 4:15 for the 10km. This is the first time that I have run the 10km course for Australia Day as we normally run the 5km as a family, this year 3 of 4 moved up to the 10km. Although there were a large number of runners the 10km start is a lot less crowded and congested than the 5km, this is possibly due to the lack of walkers and a better self seeding by the runners. After the first kilometer we had pretty much settled into pace bands that lasted through to the finish – and running at my pace we passed the 5km stat before any 5km runners were on the track so we did not have to contend with any 5km runners at all. Pretty soon we were around Anthony’s Nose and onto the beach trail and we had thinned out enough to have a selection of who to take drinks from at the aid station.


Next we were into the camp sites. There were noticeably less spectators in the caravan park this year, perhaps this was a result of running through earlier than usual as runners from the 5km didn’t notice a reduced crowd. The lady with the hose was still there sitting beside the road trying to wet everyone again this year (how difficult is it to comprehend when we say no, don’t spray us? There are enough people who want to get wet you don’t need to wet everyone). That said, the run through the caravan park was good fun and we were soon onto the boardwalk and running into the finish. Finishing up with a 42:22, not quite the target but not too bad.

High fives all around!

Westerfoldians – 10km and 5km teams

Westerfoldians – 10km team results

★ Flickr 2017-01-26 Rosebud Australia Day Fun Run
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Rosebud Australia Day Fun Run 2017

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