Ride The Night 2017

ridethenight Event: Ride The Night
Date: Saturday the 28th January 2017
Location: Melbourne
Distances: 64km
Organised by: Bicycle Network

Launched in January 2015, Ride the Night is Australia’s biggest mass participation night time cycling event. It’s a new and unique concept allowing riders to take to the streets of their city at night touring the most iconic landmarks. With entertainment and rest stops along the way featuring local artists, games, food trucks and light shows, this exciting event is not to be missed!
The start festival will kick off at 9pm on Saturday 28th January and riders will get set to Ride the Night from 11pm until sunrise. You’ll see your city like never before, riding alongside thousands of others to raise awareness and funds to brighten the future of today’s youth.​


Ride The Night 64km.
A five hour night-time journey around Melbourne with much better weather this year for the whole ride. What a fantastic way to see Melbourne!
A really good time with some great people – Tracy, Wendy, Ross and Cormac and a horde of other crazy folk.
📃 2017 Ride The Night guide

Much better conditions than last year, this means that riders are not huddling under shelter and it looks much more impressive. A big gathering ready for the 11pm kickoff 🚴‍

Rest stop one 12:19am at Port Melbourne Beach.

And into rest stop 2 at 1:30am. All gong well so far.
Burnley Bouldering Wall.

Skipped stop 3 (Melbourne Museum) as it was too crowded, and onto stop 4 for some coffee at 3am ☕️ Much better conditions this year.
Docklands Waterfront, Next To The Cow.

And all finished at 4:20am
Lakeside Stadium.

★ Flickr 2017-01-28 Ride The Night
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Ride the Night 2017
🗺️ ReLive https://www.relive.cc/view/847209270

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