Kilcunda /George Bass Coastal Half Marathon 2017

kilcunda Event: George Bass Coastal Half Marathon 2017
Distance: 21km
Date: Sunday the 05th February 2017
Location: Kilcunda
Organised by: Running Wild

Victoria’s Bass Coast offers fantastic trail running for people wanting to experience coastal trail running at its best. Located only 90 minutes from Melbourne on the Bass Highway, Kilcunda offers access to Philip Island, Inverloch, Wonthaggi and a host of other destinations to explore after the run.

Kilcunda /George Bass Coastal Half Marathon 2017

❝ Went out too fast, was meant to be a UTA50 training pace ended up sub 5min Km’s for the first 5km. Had to rejig, power walk hills, etc. still ended up with average 5:55/km which is going to be too fast for 50km. (If I do that at Roller Coaster it will kill me).

The plan was to run Kilcunda as a training run for the UTA50. For anyone who hasn’t been following along, the “plan” is basically to run a 50km trail run using a very low weekly mileage and using events as training (do not do this at home!). Why? to avoid high mileage training injuries, and because I really don’t have the available time to dedicate to the training kilometers. The reduction in training kilometers means reducing the pace from a ‘race pace’ down to a more casual pace … and this is where I am having issues at the moment. Without doing any dedicated speed work I have managed to get back some leg speed over the last 12 months, and although my 5km PB of 14m45s looks pretty safe, running 19mXXs 5km is going to be a regular hit out. The issue has become that I am very comfortable sitting at 5 minute kilometers.

Back to Kilcunda – I decided not to use the technology to judge my pace for the initial rail trail section of the run, deciding instead to see if I could settle quickly into a comfortable pace that I could maintain. This is were the very comfortable at 5 minute kilometers kicked in, and by the time we came back through the start area heading towards the coastal trail a quick look at the timing showed a very problematic pace (It is not as if I was going to burn out on this run, but I was not going to achieve my training objective running at this pace).

Long story short – I forced myself to walk up climbs that my brain was telling me to run up, I held back a bit on the descents, I ate a full Orange Clif Shot Blok on the way out to Punchbowl (far more successful than the Melbourne Half marathon attempt), concentrated on regular fluid intake, and talked to heaps of people (possibly much to their annoyance, sorry about that). I did look at Runkeeper a fair bit to make sure that I was holding back, and that’s when the “I could finish in under 2 hours” battle commenced – no brain, that is NOT today’s objective. This meant that I walked those final hills that I was getting Tracy to run up last year, there is a certain irony in that.

In review, the run was still too fast – in fact it is a Two Bays/Wonderland qualifier. I need to work towards a scenario with the pacing a lot more like the first 22km in this year’s Two Bays run; and this will be target as we head towards Roller Coaster, because if I run 5 minute kilometers on that course I will blow up and not finish the 43km.

Unlike 2016 where Tracy embarked on the 1/2 marathon madness, this year she and Liam ran the 8km which sounds like a really good fun trail event with the awesome views great trail and lacking the killer hill climb 😉

★ Flickr 2017-02-05 Kilcunda Half Marathon
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Kilcunda Trail Half

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