Wednesday WIN (2017-Feb-15)

How To Run [Trailer]
What happens when three everyday people decide to race in a trail running event? In 2016 we signed up Tim Sweeney, our Global Communications and PR Manager, and Anssi Makela, Global Digital Marketing Manager, to do just that. They needed a third person to join them, and with no takers from the office, they found Ami Mitchell, a local friend, to share their adventure. Follow Tim, Anssi, and Ami as they learn the ropes from Salomon athletes and pro …

How To Run [Episode 1] What Is Trail Running?
What is Trail Running all about? Ami, Anssi and Tim embark on a crash course in the sensations, feelings, and how to begin training for Trail Running from Greg Vollet, Salomon Sports Marketing Manager.

How To Run [Episode 2] What to Wear?
What shoes and clothing should I wear for trail running? Our everyday runners get tips on how to select the right shoes and apparel for comfort and confidence on the trail from Salomon Product Line Managers. Remember to choose the gear that is right for you, no two runners are exactly the same.

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Salomon How to Trail Run

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