Roller Coaster Run 2017

rcr Event: Roller Coaster Run
Distance: 10km/21.5km/43km
Date: Saturday the 25th February 2017
Location: Mt Dandenong, Vic
Organised by: Mountain Sports

Established in 2012 by Rohan Day from Big Long Run, and now managed by Mountain Sports – The Roller Coaster Run has grown to a sellout crowd in 2015 and beyond.
The event starts and finishes at the picturesque SkyHigh Mount Dandenong and runners are treated to a journey through the Dandenong Ranges National Park. The race course is a loop and runners taking up the 43km challenge do a second reverse loop before once again finishing at SkyHigh Mount Dandenong.
The event combines a social atmosphere, a great challenge, some amazing trails and fantastic scenery with the generosity and inclusion of the trail running community at large.

Roller Coaster Run 2017
Didn’t have it in me today, was cooked at 12km, discretion the better part of valor called it a day at the 22km rather than forcing the issue and losing a week to a bug I cannot shake.
Having been sick for two days leading up to RCR, I thought that I was actually ok to run on the day. By 10km this was clearly not the case. Legs, feet, toes, breathing, hydration were all good – I just had no energy and was struggling. Another one of these runs where the splits don’t tell the full story.

I ate a GU chew on Dod’s, but this wasn’t effective. Totally different to the Melbourne Marathon experience, it was easy to chew and swallow as we had slowed to walk up the climb. I should have had a gel about 14/15km but I think I had already decided that a single loop was all I was up for on the day. Picked up a cup of water just before 12km, and drank all of the Nuun that I was carrying in the soft bottle (that’s where I appeared to be getting the energy from). After I finished had a quick sugar fix with some water melon and a couple of cups of Coke (the caffeine probably didn’t hurt). It was then a cup of tea and a couple of cups of coffee.

By Sunday? Some minor stiffness, feet are really good, fluid levels good, so that is all good … but energy levels are still low. Some “what if?” second guessing about having tried for a much slower second loop, that is balanced out by the still low energy levels today. When I posted last Monday “rely on your running buddies”, this is just as important when they say “you’re looking shit today” so you have external input you can trust in your “how am I traveling” decisions.
I had a 4km recovery run on Sunday night where everything was still feeling ok, followed up with an Etixx Choc Recovery Shake. I’m off to see the Doctor for some blood work to see what that reveals so if there is a lingering issue we can get that resolved.


The course itself is brilliant, and I enjoyed both the terrain and the views. Totally recommend this to anyone who loves sweeping hilly terrain. Because of the slopes it is worth having some good ascent/descent technique so that you reduce the damage usually caused by the descents (quads, toes, etc.). Talking about damage; there seemed to be quite a few injuries, some of them very bad injuries – from an overview, a lot of these seem to be 10km runners. It this a technique vs slope issue?


My first DNF in approximately 40 years;

MAP: Rollercoaster Map – high res (18.5MB)

★ Flickr 2017-02-25 Roller Coaster Run
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: What’s worse than half a worm? Half a Roller Coaster 😦

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