Running/Riding – what’s next? (Part 2)

Behind any total cluster f##k there is always a plan, a plan that seemed really good when written down and viewed from afar; this may just be that sort of plan! Where did I leave that monkey wrench? This plan is bridging me from the 2016 year of half marathons (21for21) up to what may be the UTA50 and beyond for 2017. So from the original plan, we have already covered September 2016 to the start of March 2017, some things have gone well, some things have gone poorly. The adventure continues …

Afterglow 2016

MARCH 2017
☑ 1st Sunset Series – The Tan 4km/8km TWILIGHT RUN 📝
4th Mt Baw Baw Trail Fest 15/21/44 km TRAIL RUN Wedding
5th Keeping Kids On Track Fun Run Festival Kilcunda Surf Beach 3km,5km,10km,15 and 21.1km RAIL TRAIL
☑ 18th Sharpy’s Beer Run 10km / 21km TRAIL RUN 📝
☑ 24th Buffalo Stampede – SkyRun 20k | Date: Friday 24th March 2017 📝
☒ 25th Ultra SkyMarathon 75km | Date: Saturday 25th March 2017
☑ 26th SkyMarathon (support Crew) 42km | Date: Sunday 26th March 2017
🚴 26th MS Melbourne Cycle 50km [Tracy]

buffalo stampede

APRIL 2017
🗓 School Holidays: 01 April – 17 April
Run to the Dog 5km/10km TRAIL RUN Out with sinusitis 😦
2nd Mount Buller Sky Run 22—36—45 km Alpine Runs TRAIL RUN
☑ 9th Run for the kids 14.6Km 📝
☑ 15th 11th Tour De Tarwin Walk, Run, Ride 6km 📝
☑ 30th Puffing Billy Great Train Race 13.5km 📝

MAY 2017
☑ 7th Wings for Life World Run | Goal Calculator ? You’ll have 2h 30min to run 31 km at a pace of 04:50 min/km ? 📝
☑ 14th Mother’s Day Classic 8km run 📝
☑ 17th-21st Ultra-Trail Australia 2017 #UTA22 (T) #UTA50 (D) TRAIL RUN 📝

JUNE 2017
☑ 7th Global Running Day 2017
11th Run Forrest Trail Run 5km / 10km /21km TRAIL RUN
☑ 11th Longest Run 2017 – Melbourne
☑ ? 17th Eltham Town BCNA Fun Run 1km/5km
☑ 18th the Trail Running Series – Race #1 Westerfolds Park ~ 5km / 11km / 15km
☑ 25th 🚴 Melburn Roobaix 36km

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