This weeks links (2017-02-27)

In brief:

* Here’s The Scam That Makes Conservatives Believe The Mainstream Media Is Lying (2017-Mar-02) [Daily Kaos]

It’s the system that gives right wing media consumers much of their “news” every day. It explains why their angry social media posts and forum comments tend to contain the same talking points, and why those comments are so badly misinformed.
This is not to say there’s no one on the left pushing stories, many of which are also biased (though all such activity on the left is dwarfed by what’s happening on the right).
But legitimate journalists won’t report anything just because it shows up in an email from an advocacy group. The mainstream media checks facts — that’s what ”mainstream” means.
But there’s a whole industry of right wing media outlets, ranging from biased to outright fake, who are quite happy to give the fact-checking a pass.
And now you know why right wingers keep seeing stories in right wing media that they don’t find in the mainstream media.




* Is this a bike lane? The confusing cycleway saga (2017-Mar-02) [Executive Style]

Some reading/listening:

* Free Campaign Coins fiction!
Enjoy these stories of The Three Dungeoneers and their endless quest for treasure.
1.) A Nuisance of Kobolds
2.) A Plague of Rats

Something from Bandcamp:
Floating In A Cocktail Glass by Amanda Palmer

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