Wednesday WIN (2017-Mar-01)

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How To Run [Episode 3] Training Program & Nutrition
“I’m committed, now what?
You bought the gear and you’ve signed up to race. How should you get yourself ready? Salomon Sports Marketing manager, Greg Vollet, offers our athletes a simple but effective training plan, and our team dietitian Arnaud Tortel gives his advice on what foods to eat and what to avoid as the race approaches.”

How To Run [Episode 4] Running Uphill
“Running uphill is hard. Can I make it easier?
The athletes are joined by Laura Orgue, Salomon athlete and World Champion in the vertical kilometer, to learn tactics for running uphill with less effort. Pushing off the forefoot, keeping the center of gravity just in front of your feet, and pumping with your arms will help you get to the top of the mountain feeling a little better, and ready for the descent.”

How To Run [Episode 5] Running Downhill
Let’s attack the downhills. Our team gets a non-crash course in descending with confidence from Greg Vollet, Salomon Sports Marketing Manager. Surprisingly, staying forward and taking longer strides will keep you poised for landings and uneven terrain, so you use less energy and feel more secure.

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Salomon How to Trail Run

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