This weeks links (2017-03-13)

In brief:

* Teenagers Do Dumb Things, but There Are Ways to Limit Recklessness (2017-Mar-08) [NYT]
New research sheds light on the question of teenagers and self-control. A study of more than 5,000 adolescents and young adults from 11 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas confirmed that adolescents worldwide have similarly risk-prone brains, but vary substantially in actual risk-taking.
Laurence Steinberg, the study’s lead author and a professor of psychology at Temple University, said that the findings, in the journal Developmental Science, suggest that “the context in which kids grow up must matter a great deal, and that adolescent recklessness isn’t the inevitable byproduct of the period’s biology.”

* Do you have Influenza and still think you feel well enough to go out and socialize? You’re not, this is probably a symptom of the Influenza 😷
Change in human social behavior in response to a common vaccine Ann Epidemiol 2010;20:729–733.


* Katie doesn’t let her seizures stop her from running to the finish line. (Via BBC Stories)

* Epilepsy Stories: Katie Cooke | International Epilepsy Day
Katie Cooke is an 18-year-old girl who suffers with an aggressive and refractory form of epilepsy and she experiences more than ten seizures with loss of consciousness every night and day. How has she become an athlete and big advocate for those suffering with epilepsy and brain illness in Ireland? With her sheer and unshakable determination and focus, a motivation only Katie truly gets and shares with the world in glimmers of emotion on occasion, such as coming over the race finish lines. …


* 🐐🐐 GOAT RIDE! 🐐🐐 [Strava]

* Perth cyclists create goat drawing across the suburbs using ride-tracking app Strava (2017-Mar-15) [ABC|NEWS]

Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:
“A MOTHER’S CONFESSION”: a song with footnotes by Amanda Palmer

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