Wednesday WIN (2017-Mar-15)

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How To Run [Episode 6] Manage Time & Fatigue
How do I stay fresh and feel good for the whole race?
Maintaining hydration and fuel throughout your race is critical in every trail event. Francois D’Haene, Salomon athlete and Ultra Trail specialist offers his advice on maintaining a good pace, and how much to eat and drink along the way to ensure you feel great from start to finish.

How To Run [Episode 7] Avoid Injuries
“I like trail running but I’m worried about getting injuries. How can I stay injury free?”
Anssi and Ami discuss injury prevention with Simon Bartold, a Biomechanical Specialist and Salomon Team Consultant. While 6-8 out of ten new runners get injured when they start training, Simon offers 3 key tips to help bring that number down to zero. Start with a plan: include gradual training, targeted strength training for running, and get some coaching, and your transformation to trail running enthusiast can be more fun with fewer injuries.

How To Run [Episode 8] Warm Up
“Why do runners warm up before they run? Isn’t running enough of a warmup?”
Salomon International Team athlete Jonathan Wyatt takes Anssi and Ami through a proper warmup to help you perform better during your run. Since your muscles and your heart are cold, an easy jog and some stretching will get your body ready to push during a race. Pro tip: for shorter, more intense races, you want to warm up more. For longer races, you can do a lighter warmup to conserve energy, and gradually ramp up as the race progresses.”

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Salomon How to Trail Run

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