Run for the Kids 14.6km

Event: Run for the Kids
Distance: 14.6km
Date: Sunday the 9th April 2017
Location: Melbourne
Organised by: Run for the Kids/The Herald & Weekly Times

The Herald Sun | CityLink Run for the Kids is a community event, and its primary aim is to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.
The Long Course starts in Alexandra Avenue and runs through the Domain Tunnel and over the Bolte Bridge. Exiting CityLink at Footscray Road, the route takes in New Quay and Harbour Esplanade through Docklands, before heading back towards the CBD via Collins Street.
The course turns right into Spencer Street, and continues over the Yarra River turning left along the Promenade at Crown, crossing Queensbridge Street and proceeding down the waterfront at Southbank.
Runners will pass Hamer Hall, and continue under Princes Bridge, along Boathouse Drive, turning through the Alexandra Gardens into a short uphill section along Petticoat Lane to enter St Kilda Road. Once on St Kilda Road, the course continues south along St Kilda Road, before turning into Linlithgow Avenue and through the finish line.

2013 Course map: Showing the current long course, but an old short course.

Run for the Kids 14.6km
Sunday dawned wet but not too cold, I selected to run with summer clothing but used a peak cap to keep water out of the eyes, and the NB trail shoes to give additional grip. The plan was to practice feeding during the run at a higher tempo than I have been doing the longer runs, so the run vest was loaded with a few of the required items to practice with a real load.
When registering I selected to start in the Blue Zone ‘For active runners who can complete 10km in under 50 minutes and intend to race against the clock’, but as I was approaching the run as a training run started towards the middle of this group. This was a mistake, and I should have been further towards the front as the pace was certainly slower than 5 min/km with my starting group and the first kilometer was pretty congested. I managed to find some space as we made the sharp turn back onto CityLink and was able to stretch out a bit more through the Domain tunnel. With Melbourne’s wet and willing weather the tunnel itself was rather humid and clammy and it was refreshing to be once again outside in the rain. This next stretch through to 6km was good to settle into some relaxed tempo running and based on my splits I was pretty consistent but still weaving through runners.

The 6km feeding station signals the start of the climb up and over the Bolte bridge and I put in a bit more effort up and over the climb which shows as a constant pace even though there was a climb. Dropping off the Bolte (c.8km?) I felt a tap on the head … Hello Steve. As Steve was happy with a c.4m30s/km pace we then ran together while having a chat and keeping a solid tempo. Finishing with a comfortable 1h05m06s with no issues.

Feeding: I did not load on Saturday night, in fact after a solid lunch I only ate cheese and biscuits for tea. Sunday morning I had a cup of tea before leaving home, and a medium coffee at Flinders St when we arrived. The plan was to use a liquid only feed using Hammer Perpetuem in the soft bottle; I can’t say I am a major fan of the Orange Vanilla but the feeding method is working. I also trialed some Hammer Endurolytes, but took them after I finished to see how they went down.

★ Flickr 2017-04-09 Run for the Kids
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: #R4K 2017
Next?: 11th Tour De Tarwin Walk, Run, Ride

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