Wednesday WIN (2017-Apr-12)

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How To Run [Episode 9] Pre Race Briefing
Race day is here! Am I ready? How can I make the best of the event? Our athletes have completed their training and made the journey to Lantau Island, Hong Kong, to join the Salomon team as they make last-minute preparations for race day. Some things to think about are: make sure you hydrate leading up to and during the event, eat before you get hungry, don’t start too fast and find a rhythm. And most of all, enjoy it! You’ve earned it.

How To Run [Episode 10] Race Day
Race day is here! Time to enjoy the moment. Our athletes put their training to use, climbing to the top of Lantau Island and descending back to the ocean. We follow them as they experience the challenge, the fun, and the beauty of this amazing event. The smiles and laughter at the end of the race say it all. Well done Tim and Ami! Get healthy for the next event Anssi!

Salomon How to Trail Run

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