A Look Inside the Gear Shed

It’s the weekend, time to grab your gear and go! So you pop into your gear shed and pickup your kit. You don’t have a gear shed? You are looking for ideas? Outside gives a peaks into the Gear Sheds of the Pro’s.

A Look Inside Tommy Caldwell’s Gear Shed
Pro climber Tommy Caldwell has one of the most swoon-worthy gear sheds we’ve ever seen. His converted garage is outfitted with a massive bouldering wall, kids climbing area, upstairs office, and organized gear racks galore. On top of that, he has a shed for bikes and skis and a built-out Sprinter van for family adventures. Watch to get a tour of his gear-filled paradise.

Inside Anton Krupicka’s Gear Shed
Ultrarunner Anton Krupicka’s Boulder apartment is just steps away from the Flatirons and is packed with climbing tools, bikes, skis, and lots of shoes. Nearly every nook and cranny holds training gear, and the studio space pulls triple duty as his gear shed, bedroom, and office. Watch to get a peak inside Tony’s cozy home base.

A Look Inside Cedar Wright’s Gear Shed
Pro climber and filmmaker Cedar Wright knows a thing or two about adventure, and his gear shed is full of climbing, paragliding, and cycling equipment. From his trusty old commuter bike to first ascent essentials, Wright has everything he needs packed into his garage and mini-van. Watch to get a glimpse of his home base in Boulder, Colorado.

* A Look Inside the Country’s Raddest Gear Sheds [Outside]

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