This weeks links (2017-05-08)

In brief:

* Death of a Chinese tourist on Tasmania’s Overland Track sparks call to ban unprepared walkers (2017-May-05) [The Mercury]

“ However, it also appears that the group, largely inexperienced walkers, considered that they were sufficiently prepared and did not appreciate in any way the weather conditions they were likely to encounter,” she said.
“No further discussion or advice from the staff would have caused them to increase their preparation, better understand the danger posed by the weather conditions, or review their decision to walk”

A big weekend of running with the Nike sub-2 hour marathon attempt and the Wings for life World Run.

* Wings For Life World Run 2017

* Nike // Breaking2

* Strava Data Can Teach You How to Train for the Marathon (2016-Sep-01) [Outdoors]
What can you learn from looking at the data from over 80 million runs? A lot, actually.


* VIDEO – How the race was won: Giro stages 1-4 []
With the first four stages of the 2017 Giro in the books, Cosmo Catalano breaks down how the race so far has played out.

* Bike rider cleared of fault in fatal (2017-May-08) [Bicycle Network]
“A review of video footage and eye-witness accounts has concluded that the rider did not run a red light when he collided with the 85 year-old, who had stepped on to the pedestrian crossing at Jacka Boulevard.”
The death resulted in an outburst of vicious, anti-cyclist comment on social media, led by people who had wrongly assumed the bike rider was responsible.

Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:
I Can Spin A Rainbow by Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel

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