Running/Riding – what’s next? (Part 3)

Behind any total cluster f##k there is always a plan, a plan that seemed really good when written down and viewed from afar; this may just be that sort of plan! Where did I leave that monkey wrench? This plan is now post UTA50 and looking at the rest of 2017. From the original plan, we have already covered September 2016 to the start of March 2017, and March 2017 to the end of May 2017.

The adventure continues … on to Wonderland!

JUNE 2017
☑ 7th Global Running Day 2017 📝
11th Run Forrest Trail Run 5km / 10km /21km TRAIL RUN
☑ 11th Longest Run 2017 – Melbourne 📝
🗓 14th Two Bays Trail Run 2018 Happy Hour entries open 9pm
☑ 17th Eltham Town BCNA Fun Run 1km/5km 📝
☑ 18th the Trail Running Series – Race #1 Westerfolds Park ~ 5km /11km/ 15km 📝
☑ 25th 🚴 Melburn Roobaix 36km 📝

JULY 2017
🗓 School Holidays: 01 July – 16 July
☑ 9th the Trail Running Series – Race #2 Smiths Gully ~ 6km /12km/ 17km 📝
☑ 15th Runkeeper Global 5km (@ Mount Beauty parkrun) 5km VIRTUAL
☑ 15th 🚴 Tour de Beechworth – The two peaks Stanley ride, up to 40km
☐ 30th (Sun) Run Melbourne 5km/10km/21.1km

☑ 6th the Trail Running Series – Race #3 Silvan, Dandenong Ranges – 7km /15km/ 20km 📝
☑ 26th-27th Wonderland Run Grampians 8km/36km/20km // Qualified! TRAIL RUN 📝


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