This weeks links (2017-06-12)

In brief:

* Hunting the Ghost Fungus: glowing mushrooms in Australia’s forests (2017-Apr-15) [Guardian]


* Western States Endurance Run: June 24-25, 2017 44th Western States 100


* It’s a new era for SBS and the Tour de France (2017-Jun-15) [SBS: Cycling Central]
For the first time in his long association with SBS Phil Liggett will appear as a guest during the 2017 coverage of Tour de France.

* #SBSTDF : All 21 stages in full in Tracker and @CyclingCentral online.

* Your ‘Go-To’ Guide to Prepare for a Cycling Tour (2017-Jun-08) [World Expeditions]
To help you prepare, we’ve consulted our in-house cycling experts and bike addicts to compile the best tips and tricks about training and gear to ensure you are comfortable and confident on your bike to have the ultimate adventure.

Some reading/listening:

* World of the Three (2017-Jun) [Lightspeed Magazine]
Then the Bird of A Hundred and Eight Names gathered together her three new children, and she said, “You have passed our people’s tests and joined our ranks, and may leave if you wish. But leaving will take you among the Alabar, who collect salt in their bare hands and have no fear of rust, and call themselves merely people. Some among us speak slightingly of them, for their lives are short and easily ended, and they don’t protect one another as we do. You should be more wary.”

Something from Bandcamp:
Dissociation Mechanics by WILD ROCKET

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