30 Days Wild (week 3)

30DaysWild Random Acts of Wildness
The 30 Days Wild challenges you to do something wild every day for the month of June.
Make room for nature this June – no matter where you are or how busy your life! When you sign up to the challenge, we’ll send you a pack full of ideas, encouragement and Random Acts of Wildness.
What is a Random Act of Wildness?
A Random Act of Wildness is any thing that you can do in an average working day to bring a little nature into your life. They can take a few seconds, a few minutes, or if you lose yourself completely, a few hours!

★ Random Acts of Wildness: 101 ideas

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15 DAY 15
Thursday, 15 June 2017 – Track wild creatures
Sadly, we’ve all got to go to sleep.
“Why is that sad? Sleep is great!”
True, but night-time is when the best, and some of the rarest animals come out! Furry foxes, brilliant bats, black and white badgers, marvellous moths! Even when we sleep we don’t have to miss out on the action. Have a go at making a mammal tunnel: it’s really easy and the whole family can enjoy. You never know what you’ll get in the night!

16 DAY 16
Friday, 16 June 2017 – Set your imagination free.
I can see… a shoe, a cat, and a tortoise.
An azure canvas streaked with pure white brush strokes; on long summer days when the sky opens, take 5 minutes out of your day, lie back and gaze at the clouds. Now your imagination is the artist, what will you paint?
It’s recommended that for every 20 minutes you spend looking at a computer screen, you should look away for 20 seconds. Take this short break to look out a window, even if you don’t sit by one at work, and look for a different shape each time.

17 DAY 17
Saturday, 17 June 2017 – Workout in the wild
Exercise makes you happier and healthier (and so does nature!!) combine the two and take your jog through a local park or reserve.
Change your walking, jogging or cycling route to exercise in wild places, and watch your stamina and motivation improve (as if by magic!).
Rather than going to the gym, you could even workout by volunteering for a couple of hours on a nature reserve: it’s social and fun and you’ll burn those calories, too.

18 DAY 18
Sunday, 18 June 2017 – Play in the wild
It’s a sad fact: today’s children are growing evermore distant from nature. We’re on a mission to have Every Child Wild!
Make it your mission this June to re-wild a child and allow them to experience nature hands-on. Our Wildlife Watch website, perfect for adventurous explorers, is packed full of information, activities and games to engage children and young people with the amazing natural world around them.
But you don’t need the internet or an expert to get you into nature. Just get out there! play hide and seek in a woodland, explore a pond and peer into the depths, investigate a rockpool on holiday. Nature is all around us, and being wild simply means using what nature provides.

19 DAY 19
Monday, 19 June 2017 – Record wild sounds
Record birdsong and set it as your ring tone: next time your phone goes off, it’ll take you back to the wild in an instant!
Other wild sounds will do just as well – crickets, bumblebees or the waves on a beach.


20 DAY 20
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 – Invite a friend into nature
Invite a friend into nature next time you go to a wild place: a wild wander makes a lovely (and cheap!) alternative to a cafe or shopping centre.
What better way to share your favourite wildlife than to talk face-to-face with your friends or colleagues. A refreshing walk around your local park, lake or reserve can build on more than your friendship as you both gain an appreciation for nature.

The 2017 Winter Solstice, two Units of Venturers, a wide-game and a park.

21 DAY 21
Wednesday, 21 June 2017 – Build for Beetles
Leave a log for stag beetles.
There are two main requirements for stag beetles: dead wood and minimal disturbance. A log pile for stag beetles will also provide shelter for invertebrates, and the best logs are in partial shade or partially buried (to stop the logs drying out). If you place them vertically, you can use this as a feeding table too: place seeds on top to attract birds. The log will attract other insects too; perfect food for the larvae and birds alike!

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