Mission Run: Werribee Gorge (2017-Jul-23)

Werribee Gorge State Park
Werribee Gorge Scenic Rim – Werribee Gorge
Meikles Point Picnic Area, Ingliston, VIC 3341

Sun 23rd July 2017 – afternoon – Target 3h30m run, similar conditions to Grampians

Circuit Walk – 10km – 4.5 hrs
Grade – Medium – Hard
Start at the Quarry or Meikles Point Picnic Area and walk in an anti–clockwise direction. Excellent views along the gorge rim, steep in places with some rock scrambling along the river section of the track. The track along the river may become impassable after heavy rain.

MAP 1 – Initial route plan

The run as planned uses part of the Short Circuit walk (East of the River) and Bluff Tk/Falcons Lookout Tk (West of the River) marked in RED joined with two ridge runs marked in BLUE.
There is an alternative descent from Bluff Tk down to Needles Beach marked in GREEN.
If we get enough rain that the Werribee River is fast flowing, making crossings an issue, we will stay on the Eastern side of the River using the Short Circuit and extend out to Island Lookout return for the distance. (If enough people wish to stay on the Eastern side we could change to this route as the primary option up front).
The short circuit option will be good for anyone who doesn’t want to cross the river, is looking for a short run, or is not comfortable with the ridge line running.

MAP 2 – Run options

Due to thunderstorm activity on the day, the river crossing was not advisable and the run stayed on the east side of the river.

MAP 3 – A bit of a GPS issue in the tracking, start and finish from the same point (marked by finish). Green dot is where GPS started tracking the run.

★ Flickr 2017-Jul-23 Mission Run: Werribee Gorge
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Werribee Gorge Adventure with Patricia and Emma [Tracy’s log]

* Werribee Gorge State Park: Park Note PDF [Parks Victoria]
* Werribee Gorge Scenic Rim (12.4km) [Trail Hiking Australia] GPX : Starting at Meikles Point Picnic area
* Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk – Adventure Edition [Adventure Me] : Starting at Ironbark Gorge Car Park
* Lerderderg & Werribee Gorges Map Guide 5th Edition 1:30,000 scale topographic map of the Lerderderg State Park and 1:20,000 map of Werribee Gorge State Park
* Melbourne’s Western Gorges Bushwalking guide to Melbourne’s spectacular Western Gorges, by Glenn Tempest [Open Spaces]

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