This weeks links (2017-07-03)

In brief:





* New study looks at attitudes of drivers toward cyclists, and it ain’t pretty (2017-Jul-05) [Treehugger]
So, basically, the more people hate cyclists, the more they want to regulate them and helmet them and licence them, rather than actually give them some basic safe infrastructure (which might mean giving up some precious road.)

* #trolldj: more than just a #sbstdf hashtag (2017-Jul-05) [Cycling Central]

* Les Vaches du Tour
Stage 1: Düsseldorf > Düsseldorf
Stage 1: Round-up
Stage 2: Düsseldorf > Liège
Stage 2: Round-up
Stage 3: Verviers > Longwy
Stage 3: Round-up
Stage 4: Mondorf-les-Bains > Vittel
Stage 4: Round-up
Stage 5: Vittel > La Planche des Belles Filles
Stage 5: Round-up
Stage 6: Vesoul > Troyes
Stage 6: Round-up
Stage 7: Troyes > Nuits-Saint-Georges
Stage 7: Round-up
Stage 8: Dole > Station des Rousses
Stage 8: Round-up
Stage 9: Nantua > Chambéry
Stage 9: Round-up

* TDF Bingo –
Now this does claim that the best place to watch ‘le tour’ is Ooro or ITV, and the #couchpeloton knows that the best place to watch is #SBStdf, so this is going to to take a little modification to play. (original, modified v.1.0)
Swap “Lionel Birnie’s…” with “In the Red” from 2016
Swap “Ned Explodes” with “same rider, three different pronunciations” from 2016
Swap “Rob ‘atch…” with “natural break” from 2016
Swap “David Millar…” with “some nob on a jet ski” from 2016

Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:
Winter by Fen

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