This weekend – The Southern Delta Aquariids

This weekend 29th – 30th July 2017, is the peek time for viewing the Delta Aquariids meteor shower with an expected 15-20 meteors an hour. As the moon will set at 11:43pm on Saturday night (Melbourne), a midnight viewing looking east from a location out of town with low light pollution should give the best results. Pack some mulled wine, a blanket, take a friend, lie back and spot some meteors. The best viewing window is centered on c.2-3am so rug up for an extended viewing.

❝ The Southern Delta Aquariids are a meteor shower visible from mid July to mid August each year with peak activity on July 28 or 29 July. The shower originated from the breakup of what are now the Marsden and Kracht Sungrazing comets. ❞ — wikipedia

The meteor show lasts for over a month, but it will peak on the evening of July 29 and the morning of July 30 with the best time being in the early morning. Being winter, of course, the sun will rise later so you don’t have to get out of bed too early. But remember the sky will start to get bright some time before the actual sunrise.
The peak falls on a weekend, with a setting new moon. You can’t really ask for a better day for a meteor shower. … Melbourne sees the new moon set at 11:43 pm and the sunrise at 7:22 am.

Whether any year’s shower is a standout comes down to whether the Earth passes through a denser part of the trail, since larger debris shines brighter in the sky. Unfortunately astrophysicists can’t predict what the section we’ll pass through looks like, but Brad assures it’s well worth the gamble to stay up late and take a gander.[2]

Delta Aquariids radiate from a certain point in front of the Aquarius constellation. Perseids will be seen shooting up from along the northern horizon.

[Photo Pills] A Guide to the Best Meteor Showers in 2017: When, Where and How to Shoot Them

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