This weeks links (2017-07-31)

In brief:

* Snakebites are rarer than you think, but if you collapse, CPR can save your life (2017-Jul-31) [The Conversation]

❝ In other words, we found basic first aid before people reached hospital, of which bystander CPR is one, may be more important than any changes in how people are treated in hospital to improve people’s chance of survival. People who survived after collapsing received CPR on average within one minute of being bitten compared with 15 minutes for those who died.
Our study also showed that in most cases, people used other first-aid measures (pressure bandages and immobilising both the limb and the patient). These aim to prevent the venom travelling from the bite site, via the lymphatic system, to the bloodstream. ❞

* Federal Court: Public Officials Cannot Block Social Media Users Because of Their Criticism (2017-Jul-28) [Slate]

* How To Sleep In A Bivvy Bag Without Being Murdered Or Laughed At (2017-Aug-05) [Fevered Mutterings]
… The next deadliest creature is probably the Orca, or killer whale.
I don’t want to sound judgemental, but if you’re sleeping in a bivvy bag in the UK, and you get eaten by a killer whale, you are definitely doing it wrong. …


* 6 Races in Australia You Have To Run (2017-Jul-27) [Just Run Lah!]
☐ #1 Great Ocean Road Marathon
☐ #2 Launceton 10
☐ #3 Gold Coast Marathon
☐ #4 Australia Outback Marathon
☐ #5 The Buffalo Stampede
☐ #6 Cradle Mountain Run

* Sierra Leone bans jogging in groups after police say they are ‘menacing’ (2017-Jul-31) [The Guardian]

❝ Police in Sierra Leone have banned group jogging in the street on the grounds that it encourages disruptive behaviour. ❞

* UTMB® 2017 3D route preview


* Rider Killed Just Hours Into Race Dedicated To Mike Hall (2017-Jul-30) [Bicycling Australia]
Race organisers announced the grim news on Saturday afternoon (Central European Time), saying competitor Frank Simons had lost his life after being struck by a car. The incident occurred in the south of Belgium at around 3am, just 5 hours into the race.
It’s the third fatality in as many consecutive ultra-endurance races this year – the first being Mike Hall who was killed in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, Eric Fishbein, who lost his life when hit by a car during the Trans Am Bike Race, and now Frank Simons in the Transcontinental Race.

Some reading/listening:


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