This weeks links (2017-08-07)

In brief:

* So, about this Googler’s manifesto. (2017-Aug-05) [@yonatanzunger|Medium]

I’m writing this here, in this message, because I’m no longer at the company and can say this sort of thing openly. But I want to make it very clear: if you were in my reporting chain, all of part (3) would have been replaced with a short “this is not acceptable” and maybe that last paragraph above. You would have heard part (3) in a much smaller meeting, including you, me, your manager, your HRBP, and someone from legal. And it would have ended with you being escorted from the building by security and told that your personal items will be mailed to you. And the fact that you think this was “all in the name of open discussion,” and don’t realize any of these deeper consequences, makes this worse, not better.

* Google Fires Engineer Who Wrote Memo Questioning Women in Tech (2017-Aug-07) [NYT]

* Using a fitness app taught me the scary truth about why privacy settings are a feminist issue (2017-Aug-01) [Quartz]




* GPS Tracking: Sean Conway’s Cycling World Record Attempt

* 100% Vittorio Brumotti – Grand Canyon USA

Some reading/listening:


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