Hype Cycle for Education, 2016

* Hype Cycle for Education, 2016 (2016-Jul-01)

On the Rise
Blockchain in Education
Tin Can API
Smart Machine Education Applications
Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Applications in Education
Bluetooth Beacons
Robotic Telepresence
Exostructure Strategy
MOOC Platforms
Classroom 3D Printing
Affective Computing

At the Peak
Digital Assessment
Competency-Based Education Platforms
Learning Analytics
SIS International Data Interoperability Standards
Institutional Analytics
Hosted Virtual Desktop Services

Sliding Into the Trough
Open Microcredentials
Citizen Developers
Alumni CRM
Adaptive E-Textbooks
Big Data in Education
Student Retention CRM
Master Data Management
Open-Source SIS
Adaptive Learning Platforms
Learning Stack

Climbing the Slope
Digital Preservation of Research Data
Wireless as a Service
Integration Brokerage
Mobile Learning Smartphones

Entering the Plateau
Virtual Worlds
SaaS Administration Applications
Cloud HPC/CaaS
BYOD Strategy

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