Tuesday Tunes‬ #251 – Taramis

Taramis was an Australian heavy metal music group, which began as Prowler in 1983. Initially they played covers of other artists’ work, in 1985 they developed more original material and changed their name. By that time their line-up was Dave Browne on drums, Shane “Joel” Southby on lead vocals, Danny Komorr on bass guitar, and Craig Robertson on lead guitar. Their debut album, Queen of Thieves, was released in August 1987. A second album followed in April 1992, Stretch of the Imagination, and the group supported Brazilian band, Sepultura, at their Melbourne concert in July. Taramis disbanded early in 1993. Australian rock music historian, Ian McFarlane, noted they were “one of the first local groups to play a brand of ‘progressive’ heavy metal in the style of overseas acts … Taramis infused its esoteric music with an epic, mystical feel. Man-mountain frontman Joel Southby also possessed a booming rock voice which added an edge to the band’s billowing, blustering song arrangements”. [wikipedia]

And now for some music …

♫ Taramis – Dreaming

♫ Taramis – Demo from 1988 (not previously released)

♫ Taramis – Queen Of Thieves

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