This weeks links (2017-09-11)

Trail Series, Race 4, Anglesea

In brief:

* When it comes to same-sex marriage, not all views deserve respect (2017-Aug-17) [The Conversation]

We should hold people to task for the views they express and make it clear that if they are not prepared to craft a cogent argument their slogans are nothing more than gang colours.
To claim offence when questioned is not only to commit the fallacy of deepest offence, is also to disrespect utterly the right of your fellows to engage in honest inquiry, and that is a very deep offence indeed.

* 9/11


* Diamond Creek Trail: council votes to acquire parts of 12 properties to for Hurstbridge extension (2017-Sep-09) [Diamond Creek Leader]


* Spike in serious road injuries among cyclists (2017-Sep-11) [Monash University]
The number of Victorian cyclists being admitted to hospital with serious trauma from road crashes has more than doubled in the past nine years, according to a Monash University study.
The majority of seriously injured cyclists suffered multiple trauma (45 per cent), head and other injuries (34.4 per cent) and were male (87 per cent).
By contrast, there was no change in the number of motorists, motorcyclists or pedestrians admitted to hospital with serious trauma from road crashes. …

Some reading/listening:


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