This weeks links (2017-10-09)

Thursdayfoldians to Wombat Bend

In brief:

* Paddling the Murray River, Victoria (2017-Jul-04) [Outdoor Australia]
Bill Robinson has paddled the length of the Murray and completed 22 Murray Marathons. When floods revitalised the river he decided to explore his favourite part – the beautiful, forest-lined stretch from Tocumwal to Barmah.
The Murray River is too busy celebrating life to acknowledge death. By a bush camp within the Barmah Forest, the Murray rushes around a fallen giant. This colossus may, before it was grey and leafless, have been a partner of the water for 500 years. But the Murray isn’t slowing to mourn the river red gum’s passing – not any more. Not since the floods. …

* Life Coach
When conditions became unfavorable for a first ascent of Alaska’s Ruth Gorge, Alex Honnold turns the camera on Renan Ozturk for a strangely beautiful discussion about life’s big questions.


* 5 books all trail runners can benefit from (2017-Apr-19) [Sole Power]
So, this is for all the trail runners who – when not in the great outdoors – are thinking about the trail, talking about the trail and reading about the trail. For those who love the escape of a great read almost as much as the great outdoors itself.
1. Sarah Lavender Smith – The Trail Runner’s Companion
2. Travis Macy – The Ultra Mindset 🎧
3. Lisa Jhung – Trailhead
4. Christopher McDougall – Born to Run 🎧
5. Tobias Mews – Go! An Inspirational Guide to Getting Outside and Challenging Yourself


* Injury toll confirmed after crashes in Lombardia ravine (2017-Oct-09) [SBS]

Some reading/listening:

* Pratchat – A Terry Pratchett book club podcast
Welcome to Pratchat! In this special 10-minute introductory episode, Liz and Ben talk about their first Pratchett experiences, introduce the Discworld, and put forward their cases for which book they should read first, Mort, or Men at Arms, before announcing the winner of the closely contested public poll.
🔊 Episode 0 – And the Winner is…

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