This weeks links (2018-01-22)

Inverloch sunset

In brief:

* A #MeToo Guide for Outdoorsy Dudes (2018-Jan-22) [Emerald Lens Media]
A friend who is a longtime USFS firefighter reflected that her work within the Forest Service was when she had experienced the least sexual harassment. As a whitewater guide, my experience has been the same. And listen, we get it. You are progressive men raised by badass mothers. You have female outdoors partners that you respect. You don’t catcall women and you aren’t rapist d-bags. You genuinely care about making the outdoor space accessible to everyone. You want to know what you can do to support the ladies you love and respect. Here’s a place to start*

* How I did a three day road trip for less than $50 (2018-Jan-24) [Sputnik]

* Escape rooms in Melbourne (2017-Aug-24) [TimeOut]

* Where to Eat American Barbecue in Melbourne (2017-Aug-15) [Concrete Playground]

* #RTWChallenge 40


* Suds on the Singletrack (2015-Feb-26) [Trail Runner Magazine]
So what about trail and ultrarunning specifically seems to pair so well with beer?
“I think it just fits in with a chilled outlook on life and a good balance between the focus on running and being able to relax,” says Sharman, who won the 2013 Leadville 100 en route to setting a new time record in the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning.



Some reading/listening:


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