Pratchat 05 Pyramids

According to LSpace’s Discworld reading order guide (v2.21), Pyramids is the first book in the Ancient Civilizations thread of Discworld books. Can be treated as a stand alone story.

Terry Pratchett – Pyramids (1989)
( Discworld, #07 ) 🎧
It’s bad enough being new on the job, but Teppic hasn’t a clue as to what a pharaoh is supposed to do. After all, he’s been trained at Ankh-Morpork’s famed assassins’ school, across the sea from the Kingdom of the Sun. First, there’s the monumental task of building a suitable resting place for Dad — a pyramid to end all pyramids. Then there are the myriad administrative duties, such as dealing with mad priests, sacred crocodiles, and marching mummies. And to top it all off, the adolescent pharaoh discovers deceit, betrayal – not to mention a headstrong handmaiden – at the heart of his realm.
Note 1: 🎧 The audiobook for Pyramids is narrated by Nigel Planer

🔊 Episode 5 – Ten Points to Viper House

Pyramids is split into four ‘Books’, setting it apart from the other chapterless Discworld novels
Book I is The Book of Going Forth
Book II is The Book of the Dead
Book III is The Book of the New Son
Book IV is The Book of 101 Things A Boy Can Do

Djelibeybian should be pronounced “Jeli bey bian” {Jelly Babies}
Pteppic should be pronounced “Teppic” with a silent ‘p’
Ptraci should be pronounced “Tracy” with a silent ‘p’
[L-Space], this is why you will see the reference to Pterry.
The leading “p” is driven pretty hard when Ptraci finds a “darling little ptortoise”;

❝He found Ptraci sitting on the grass under a poplar tree, feeding the tortoise. He gave it a suspicious look, in case it was a god trying it on. It did not look like a god. If it was a god, it was putting on an incredibly good act.
She was feeding it a lettuce leaf.
‘Dear little ptortoise,’ she said, and then looked up. ‘Oh, it’s you,’ she said flatly.
‘You didn’t miss much,’ said Teppic, sagging on to the grass. ‘They’re a bunch of maniacs. When I left they were smashing the plates.’
‘That’s ptraditional at the end of an Ephebian meal,’ said Ptraci.
Teppic thought about this. ‘Why not before?’ he said.
‘And then they probably dance to the sound of the bourzuki,’ Ptraci added. ‘I think it’s a sort of dog.’
Teppic sat with his head in his hands.
‘I must say you speak Ephebian well,’ he said. ‘Pthank you.’
‘Just a trace of an accent, though.’
‘Languages is part of the ptraining,’ she said. ‘And my grandmother told me that a ptrace of foreign accent is more fascinating.’
‘We learned the same thing,’ said Teppic. ‘An assassin should always be slightly foreign, no matter where he is. I’m good at that part,’ he added bitterly.❞


❝All assassins had a full-length mirror in their rooms, because it would be a terrible insult to anyone to kill them when you were badly dressed.❞


❝Nature abhors dimensional abnormalities, and seals them neatly away so that they don’t upset people. Nature, in fact, abhors a lot of things, including vacuums, ships called the “Marie Celeste”, and the chuck keys for electric drills.❞

❝You Bastard was thinking: there seems to be some growing dimensional instability here, swinging from zero to nearly forty-five degrees by the look of it. How interesting. I wonder what’s causing it? Let V equal 3. Let Tau equal Chi/4. cudcudcud Let Kappa/y be an Evil-Smelling-Bugger* (* Renowned as the greatest camel mathematician of all time, who invented a math of eight-dimensional space while lying down with his nostrils closed in a violent sandstorm.) differential tensor domain with four imaginary spin co-efficients …❞

[1] The Annotated Pratchett File v9.0 – Pyramids
[2] Pyramids (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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