2018-02-21 Sunset Series – R2 – Princes Park

Event: Sunset Series 2018 – R2 – Princes Park 🍉
Distance: 8km
Date: Wednesday the 21st February 2018
Location: Princes Park
Organised by: Sole Motive Events
Sunset Series will see beautiful Princes Park brought to life at Race 2. Continuing your fitness journey from Race 1 at The Zoo, Princes Park is transformed as dusk into a Summer Sunset festival complete with party lights, live music and fantastic food from Melbourne’s favourite food trucks and a Sunset Bar. Bring a picnic rug and make a night of it with your friends before the Summer ends.

Sunset Series – R2 – Princes Park
Although it had been forecast to be 30°C and we were expecting another hot run, a cool change came through in the early afternoon and resulted in much more pleasant conditions for race 2 of the Sunset Series. The plan for tonight was to run with Liam and let him set the pace, this allowed for an easier run for me and some pace monitoring for Liam. It turned out it was a good plan 🙂

The Princes Park course is the now familiar two lap version based around the Ikon Park stadium. The 8km started in waves, with two minute gaps between the waves. Self sorting is still an unknown skill and starting in the second wave we managed to get into some clear air up the front of the wave (less dust) but were soon weaving through slower runners who started in the first wave – I really don’t understand jumping in the first wave if you are not running fast.

We had a very pleasant run, the humidity did rise considerably on the second lap but it was manageable. Lots of chatting and high-fives with other Westerfoldians

Wine? Let’s make that a cider tonight and call it even. It seemed to be a much more festive atmosphere at the after run village, probably due to the much better weather conditions.
A great selection of food, and there were both alcoholic and soft drinks available from the vendors.

Sole Motive providing a $50 Brooks sneaker sale in the event village was also a pretty good move, we may have come home with 3 new pairs *chuckle*

🗺️ Relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/1418450504

★ Flickr 2018-02-21 Sunset Series – R2 – Princes Park
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Sunset Series 2018 – R2 – Princes Park 🍉
Next? RollerCoaster

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