2018-03-07 Sunset Series – R3 – The Tan

Event: Sunset Series 2018 – R3 – The Tan 🍉
Distance: 8km
Date: Wednesday the 07th March 2018
Location: The Tan
Organised by: Sole Motive Events
Experience Melbourne’s most famous running track “The Tan” at dusk for the third and final Sunset Series race.
After completing races 1 and 2, now is the time to challenge yourself, wind down and celebrate the end of the Summer Sun at Race 3. Bring a picnic rug and make a night of it with your friends – with tasty food, a cheeky drink from the Sunset beer, a free yoga session and live music – you’ll be sure to find a treat after you’re hard work running up Anderson St hill!

Sunset Series – R3 – The Tan
With Tracy combining running intervals and walking due to shin splints, and Liam being in bed with the flu, tonight I was on my own. The plan was 04:27 min/km to try to start the plan for Wings for Life … but that went belly up trying to find some clean air – both literally and physically as the crowd kicked up a fair bit of dust for the first 1500m. Because of the faster pace I started much closer to the front and this allowed for much easier running.

Allowing for some tempo drop when climbing the Anderson St hill, the 4:16/km average was not too bad. This run only gave a suffer score of 33 as I spent 98% in Z2 (Moderate) and only 2% in Z1 (Endurance) so I wasn’t stressing myself to much. The big question is how long that this pace can be maintained before the heart rate does come up – this will require some more testing.
I took no food or hydration on course, but did drink a biddon on the way in to the run.

Boom! 💥 Two (three?) good runs and I’ve recovered from the bad watch heart rate readings at the Bellarine Sunset Run.

🗺️ Relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/1440366145

★ Flickr 2018-03-07 Sunset Series – R3 – The Tan
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Sunset Series – R3 – Tan
Next? Grapest 5K Run Bendigo (10km)

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