Sharpy’s Beer Run 2018

Event: Sharpy’s Beer Run 2018
Distance: 21km (ish)
Date: Saturday the 17th March 2018
Location: Arthurs Seat
Organised by: Trailology

Starting and ending at the iconic Pig and Whistle Tavern on Arthurs Seat, Trailology proudly presents a 10km and 21km premium trail running event in celebration of the sacred bond between mankind, trails, running, and beer.
Choose a 10k meander through the beautiful state park, perfect for those new to trail running or wanting to simply enjoy the spectacular scenery and soak up the silliness that only this event can provide.
Or… take on the 21km course which not only adds a little distance but also some difficulty in terms of climbing and falling (I mean descending) to the route. Start either run with a carb loaded liquid energy drink (beer) at the start line before heading off to enhance your connection with the land, or skip the pre-run imbibing and wait until you cross the finish line to reward your reward-worthy effort. Or if you don’t drink at all, that’s fine, the Church of Trailology loves you anyway.
Enjoy the trails at your own pace, or challenge yourself for a position on the podium….

Sharpy’s Beer Run 2018

🍻a bit of a hard day at the office as the flu kicked back in during the run, but there was beer at checkpoint one each time through.

It was forecast to be 35 degrees and I had woken up not feeling well, so the plan was to have have a fun run. Take the time to have a beer each time through checkpoint one, and have a practice power walking with the poles back up Arthurs seat. This was a good plan as the flu really kicked back in along Waterfall Gully Rd around the 10km mark and I ended up drinking more than twice the liquids I’d normally use on this distance. Interestingly, I think I still felt better than after last year’s run. Power walking up Arthurs Seat had protected my achillies, so this hadn’t been an issue.

As you’ll see in the Relive I also managed to not start the Garmin at the start and only started it about 700m into the run, Doh!

🗺️ Relive:

★ Flickr 2018-03-17 Sharpy’s Beer Run
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Sharpy’s Beer Run 2018

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