This weeks links (2018-03-26)

OTWM 2018

Was in a support crew for last weekend’s Oxfam TrailWalker Melbourne #OTWM
A very different experience from being in the event, and a good experience to have (even if it means no sleep). Congratulations to Team 361 for a successful TrailWalker and for finishing with a complete team.
You could throw some sponsorship dollars this way —>

In brief:

I’ve moved across from Storify to Wakelet, here’s my first attempt;
* Barkley Marathons 2018 [wakelet]


* When the Course Wins: No Finishers at the 2018 Barkley Marathons (2018-Mar-26) [Runner’s World]
Canadian Gary Robbins completed the most loops in a year when heavy rain and fog made the tough course even harder to navigate.

* Barkley Self-Evident Truths – Henry Speir (@henryspeir)

* The Barkley Marathons – 100 Mile Run [Matt Mahoney]
Learn some of the history of this event

* Top 10 Activities to Pursue Whilst Waiting for Barkley Marathons Updates (2018-Mar-23) [Kim Today]

* L’Équipe Explore – La Barkley sans pitié

* Barkley Marathons set for this weekend (2018-Mar-21) [Morgan County News]
While making the cut to compete in the race is tough, the entry fee is relatively simple.
“I generally ask for something I have to buy anyway and this prevents me from going to the store,” Cantrell said. “This year’s entry fee is Under Armour Undeniable Basketball Socks, preferably white. I plan to walk across America this summer. I have tried all kinds of socks and these are the best.”
Cantrell also asks any first-time competitors to bring a license plate from their home state or country to enter. He calls it the Barkley Trophy Case.

* Guillaume Calmettes | BYP 011 [Billy Yang Podcast|libsyn]
If there is one throughline in the arc of 33-year old Guillaume Calmettes’ life is that his pursuits are not done at half-speed. From his former life as a skydiver to his academic achievements to his now ultrarunning career, Guillaume has always sought to live out his potential in all endeavors. His greatest challenge awaits as he gets ready to toe the line at the infamous Barkley Marathon.

* Barkley Marathon 2018 Part I Podcast (2018-Mar-28) [Obstacle Racing Media]

* What Would You Do With the Freedom to Fail? (2018-Mar-28) [Thinking People Consulting]
Maybe humans are at their most inspiring when seeking. As leaders, we sometimes forget this. We get caught up in the idea that we need to know where the journey ends in order to motivate people to accompany us on it. Or, at the very least, we need to know what direction in which to travel. Not knowing is terrifying. Worse: uninspiring. And who wants to follow an uninspiring leader? Who wants to be an uninspiring leader? In the alternative, we do what we know works.


* This weekend; #RVV
2018 Tour of Flanders Live (1.UWT BEL) {]

Some reading/listening:


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