Buffalo Stampede 2018 – SkyRun 20k

Event: Buffalo Stampede – SkyRun 20k
Distance: 20km
Date: Friday the 13th April 2018
Location: Bright
Organised by: Buffalo Stampede

The Buffalo Stampede SkyRun is a 20k event which takes runners on a tough 20km challenge taking in the out and back section of the SkyMarathon and Ultra SkyMarathon course from Bright to Clearspot Aid station and return. The course starts in Bright at Howitt Park and makes its way along Morses Creek for 3km of flat running before a steep sharp rise 700m up to the summit of Mystic Hill. The course then descends the challenging Mick’s Track and then pits runner against one of the steeped trails around and runners make their way up to the summit Clearspot. Runners then return the same way they came to a loud finish on the banks of the Ovens River in Bright.

Buffalo Stampede 2018
I was off crook on the Thursday before the run, so there was a slight change in run plans. A change to run the 10km with Tracy who was doing the 10km, and then turn around and speed up for the return 10km. And still see if I was faster than last year. There was always a chance I’d die on the climb back up Mick’s track

And then we were out onto Mystic and the views open up.

Dropping into Mick’s Track.

Climbing Clearspot, the climb that just keeps on giving (and going).

And Tracy finishes in under 3 hours (the “A target”).

… and if I was smart, I would have also finished at the top of Clearspot at the 10km mark. But back I go for the 20km.
Buffalo Stampede 2018, Zombie Run edition 🧟‍♂️ ( I died on Mick’s track on the return ).

The descent from Clearspot wasn’t too bad, I played it quite safe and the quads felt ok. I stopped and wet my cap in Bakers Gully Creek as it was getting pretty warm, turned into Mick’s Track and about a third of the way into the climb I was cramping and felt awful. I started drinking my Nuun (400ml reserves) at the top of the climb and had drunk most of it by Mystic – I’d normally only drink 200ml over a half. From there it was *game over* and a roll back to Bright to the finish line.

🗺️ Relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/1505317848

★ Flickr 2018-04-13 Buffalo Stampede 2018
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Buffalo Stampede – Zombie Run Edition

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