This weeks links (2018-04-16)

Buffalo Stampede 2018

In brief:

* How to Fix What Social Media Has Broken (2018-Apr-13) []
Over the last year I have been compiling and studying research behind the key flaws of these platforms — and cataloging testable solutions. My efforts have focused on the nested problems of polarization, dehumanization and outrage, three of the most dangerous byproducts of these tools.
Looking carefully beneath the hood of social media, we can see the fundamental mechanisms behind these negative outcomes — along with real testable fixes.
This article is dedicated to exploring what might be done by these companies now — not tomorrow — to make these tools better for us.

* Chief of Army bans soldiers from wearing ‘arrogant’ death symbols (2018-Apr-19) [ABC News]
“Such symbology is never presented as ill-intentioned and plays to much of modern popular culture,” Lieutenant General Campbell said.
“But it is always ill-considered and implicitly encourages the inculcation of an arrogant hubris and general disregard for the most serious responsibility of our profession; the legitimate and discriminate take of life.


* Eight of the Australia’s toughest marathons for hard-core runners (2018-Apr-17) [Executive Style]

The Buffalo Stampede
Surf Coast Century
Six Foot Track Marathon
Alpine Challenge
Ultra-Trail Australia
Point to Pinnacle
Great Barrier Reef Marathon

* Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Men’s marathon (2018-Apr-15) [Ben Moreau – marathon runner]
I’m not going to write an analysis of the race as others will do that better than myself, but I wanted to give my thoughts on a few debates I’ve seen flying around on Twitter and online regarding race tactics and competition ‘ethics’.

* 2018 Boston Marathon Race Recap



* This month;
Apr 18 Flèche Wallonne : 2230-0030 AEST SBS Viceland and streaming online
Apr 22 Liège-Bastogne-Liège : 2200-0130 AEST SBS Viceland and streaming online

Some reading/listening:


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