National Press Club: Richard Flanagan

❝ We are a complex country that insists on being simple-minded, and we regard simplicity as a national virtue, and when coupled with language unimpeded by the necessity for thought is regarded as strong character, which may explain Scott Morrison, but little else.
And for the last two decades we have doubled down and doubled down again on old myths that have become more dangerous the longer we allow them to go unchallenged. ❞

❝ The growing state-funded cult of Anzac will see $1.1bn spent by the Australian government on war memorials between 2014 and 2028. Those who lost their lives deserve honour – I know from my father’s experience how meaningful that can be. But when veterans struggle for recognition and support for war-related suffering, you begin to wonder what justifies this expense, this growing militarisation of national memory or, to be more precise, a forgetting of anything other than an official version of war as the official version of our country’s history, establishing dying in other people’s wars as our foundation story. ❞

[1] National Press Club: Richard Flanagan (2018-Apr-19) [ABC News]
[2] Richard Flanagan: ‘Our politics is a dreadful black comedy’ – press club speech in full (2018-Apr-19) [Guardian]
[3] Richard Flanagan addresses the Press Club (2018-Apr-19) [The Examiner]

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