Wednesday WIN (2018-Apr-25)

Salomon TV | Burro Racing
Pack Burro Racing is a sport indigenous to the State of Colorado with origins that are steeped in legend. In a typical burro race, a runner and a burro (donkey) travel a prescribed course together, with the runner leading the burro on a rope. Riding of the burro is not allowed. In fact, the human may carry the burro, but the burro may not carry the human. Trail Runners, Max King and Ryan Sandes, decided to travel to Colorado and enter the 69th Annual Burro Days 30 Mile World Championship Pack Burro Race. After all… How hard can it be?

In March 2018, I had the opportunity to work with two of my ultra-running idols, Dylan Bowman & Rickey Gates. Dylan’s goal was to set the fastest known time on the Lost Coast Trail – a time previously set by Rickey Gates and Leor Pantilat. The trail is 56 miles long, features rugged cliffs and mountains with 10,000ft of gain as well as a long sandy beach section where you have to race the tide or risk serious danger.

This is Salomon #RunningCamp2018
12 runners. 6 days. 2500 kms. 176K meters of vert. 1 dream island. Although the numbers are pretty mindblowing, Salomon Running Camp is always a lot more about simple stats. It’s about camaraderie, adventures & good times. It’s the elite team getting together, catching up and running their brains out.

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