Wings for Life World Run 2018

Event: Wings for Life World Run – Melbourne
Distance: ? ? km – when do you get caught?
Stay ahead of the Catcher Car
Date: Sunday 6th May 2018
Location: Hawthorn to ?
Organised by: Wings for Life World Run

With a radical concept, the Wings for Life World Run is a global race with a difference. Instead of a finish line, runners and wheelchair competitors – from beginners to elite athletes – race side by side to keep ahead of the Catcher Car.
Participants in all locations worldwide will start the Wings for Life World Run at precisely the same time – whether that’s dawn in North America, the middle of the day in Europe, or at night here in Australia. The Melbourne start time is 21:00 making for an exciting night running experience!
The Catcher Cars take off 30 minutes after the start at 15km/h and steadily increase their speed, precisely synced across the globe, until the last participants have been caught.

Wings for Life World Run
Based on the Wings for Life World Run Goal Calculator tool the original plan-A was to go out with 4:30 min/km and then fade to be caught about the 35km mark. Which made 35 km the plan-B.

As with many plans, things did not go to plan. The Achillies said no at c.15km so I took two Panadol, walked for a bit and then started off again protecting the Achillies. The revised goal was now to make it past the half marathon without being caught.

Caught at 25.76km.

Global ranking: 3907, M45 category 407
Melbourne ranking: 209, M45 category 25

I ran in the Saucony Grid 10 shoes, Salomon S-Lab 5set vest, carried a soft bottle of Hammer Perpetuem, two SIS Isotonic Gels. I used half of the Perpetuem over the course of the run using small sips, one Gel at 12km.

🗺️ Relive:

★ Flickr 2017-05-06 Wings for Life World Run 2018
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Wings for Life 2018
Next?: Mother’s Day Classic 8km run

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