This weeks links (2018-05-21)

In brief:

* The hard science behind surviving a zombie attack (2018-May-22) [Pursuit]
When it comes to surviving a plague of infectious zombies, there is safety in numbers. And failing that…run like a bat out of hell.

* The relentless rise of the entitled motorist (2018-May-22) [Sydney Morning Herald]
In Australia, the rise of the entitled motorist is ceaseless; and only one group has managed to stem that entitlement in any measurable way. Cyclists are the beneficiaries of the campaign to force motorists to keep a metre’s distance from any bicycle. There is no outstanding, memorable campaign – equivalent to campaigns such the A Metre Matters project conducted by the Amy Gillett Foundation – to save pedestrians, although they are at greater risk on our roads than cyclists, far greater.

* #TheWanderer [Maine, USA]

* Digital skills for life (2015-May-22) []
Today we’re launching a new partnership between the Scouts and the Raspberry Pi Foundation that will help tens of thousands of young people learn crucial digital skills for life.

* The Scout Association | Raspberry Pi (2018-May-22) []
The Raspberry Pi Foundation works to put the power of digital making into the hands of people all over the world. Making things with technology can help young people learn how to solve problems, build resilience, help their communities and express themselves. The Raspberry Pi Foundation now runs the world’s largest network of volunteer-led computing clubs (Code Clubs and CoderDojos) and creates free educational resources that are used by millions of young people all over the world to learn how to create with digital technologies.





Some reading/listening:


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