This weeks links (2018-06-04)

Queen Victoria Market at night

In brief:

* ‘Western civilisation’? History teaching has moved on, and so should those who champion it (2018-Jun-06) [The Conversation]
The Australian National University recently decided not to accept money from the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation to set up a Western civilisation degree. They join the University of Melbourne, Macquarie University and others who have also been approached but not pursued any similar arrangement.
The centre has been criticised for its narrow and outdated agenda, and the views of its board members, including former Prime Ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott.

* Western Civilization and Conservative Hysteria (2018-Jun-07) [ABC Religion & Ethics]
It is little wonder that the ANU backed off once it became apparent that the Ramsay Centre sought input into hiring decisions. No university worthy of the name tolerates such interference. In any event, the study of European, North American and Australian societies, cultures, languages and histories dominates most university arts faculties in this nation – which is to say, Western civilization is already central to the curriculum.

* #TheWanderer [Japan]

* Victoria’s best hikes: Wild and wonderful walks for you to wander this long weekend (2018-Jun-08) [ABC News]
To give you some ideas of where to go this Queen’s Birthday long weekend, we asked the team at Melbourne Girls Outside to share their favourite hikes.

* Beginner Trail Running | Tips From The Pros
Adidas Terrex trail runners Abby Levene and Abby Mitchell talk about beginner trail running and some important tips to remember! Learn what it takes to be both a strong uphill runner and a downhill runner.



Some reading/listening:


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