The Trail Running Series 2018 – Race #1 Westerfolds Park

Event: 2018-06-17 Trail Running Series – Race #1
Distance: 5km /10.6km/ 15.8km
Date: Sunday 17th June 2018
Location: Westerfolds Park
Organised by: Rapid Ascent

Race 1 brings trail running to the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne where you will find Westerfolds Park situated beside the Yarra River in Templestowe. The park boasts over 120 hectares of recreational and environmental parkland offering runners a fantastic trail experience set alongside the Yarra River and its natural surrounding bushland.

The Trail Running Series – Race #1 Westerfolds Park
Running with Tracy today, we had a slightly different itinerary than usual so were bouncing around at the back of the field. A good run in wet conditions.

Liam managed to take out the Westerfolds Hit Sprint for the second year in a row!

🗺️ Relive:

★ Flickr 2018-06-17 Trail Series – R1 – Westerfolds
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Trail Series 2018 – R1 – Westerfolds
Next?: 🚴 Melburn Roobaix 36km

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