This weeks links (2018-07-30)

In brief:

* SciVR
The SciVR experience brings the incredible invisible Universe to you using virtual reality. Using our app on your smartphone and our custom designed cardboard VR headset, you’ll delve into a whole new word of science.

* Immersive Science II: Revealing the Invisible Universe (Adults) [EventBrite]
Mountain Goat Brewery. Thu. 16 August 2018, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm AEST

* Men, Sucking (2018-Jul-30) [Which-50]
So, that escalated quickly. One tweet and one Facebook post were enough to flood my mentions and DMs with a douchebro tsunami. Say what now, JB? A week ago I agreed to write a quick column riffing on Which-50’s crazy-brave experiment over the last month to remove all the snags.


* New #OTWM course for 2019 100KM. 36 HOURS. EMERALD LAKE TO FAIRFIELD.
Yep, you read that right! Melbourne Trailwalker 2019 will have a brand new 100km trail and it will be a 36 hour event! From 29 – 30 March 2019, you will start at Emerald Lake and traverse through the beautiful Dandenongs, with the option to camp at Croydon Town Park. Refreshed after a sleep, you’ll then head along the Yarra Trail and take in those gorgeous Melbourne city views before crossing the finish line in Fairfield!

* Trail First Aid: Altitude Illness (2018-Aug-01) [iRunFar]



Some reading/listening:

* War On Waste S02E02 The Battle Continues

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