This weeks links (2018-08-27)

In brief:

* ‘Clueless’ tourists climbing the Alps in sneakers (2018-Aug-25) [SMH]

* Australian AAS project extended to Sept 2019 (2018-Aug-28) [Australian Adventure Activity Standards]
We are pleased to announce that that the Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAS) project has been extended until September 2019. This is thanks to the fantastic support of all the State and Territory Governments through their ‘Sport and Recreation’ Departments for funding and supporting the Australian AAS.


* IAAF, ITRA and WMRA forge new partnership to host combined trail and mountain running world championships (2018-Aug-28) [IAAF]
As the athletics family continues to grow with an expansion into new territories, 2021 will be a major milestone year for the sports of trail and mountain running with the inauguration of the IAAF World Trail and Mountain Running Championships, a result of a unique partnership between the IAAF, ITRA and WMRA.

* The Four Best Reasons Why You Should Switch To Trail Running [Locker Room]
Trail running has boomed in popularity in recent years. A handful of years ago it was a fairly obscure sport with a small, but dedicated group of fans. Today it is one of the fastest growing sectors of the running world, with new events popping up all over the globe, and big brand companies like Salomon and Hoka One One sponsoring race teams to travel the world. …


❝ Running competitions, communal gatherings, a meeting of a tribe of people, from all walks of life. … Community. ❞

* Running Happy with Ryan Sandes and The Okes


* Your guide to post-ride recovery nutrition – Part 1: Refuelling (2018-Aug-27) [CyclingTips]

Some reading/listening:


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