[phish] Your Account needs authentication due to server relocation

We haven’t had one of these posts for a while. Amazingly, our mail server admin’s appear to have problems with server replication and we need to ‘be authenticated due to server relocation’ … or not.

Your Account needs be authenticated due to server relocation.
If your account is not authenticated within the next 48 hours, you will not be able to log
into applications that require authentication, such as Outlook, SharePoint, among others.
You are in the office or working on ,
please logout to authenticate your account.
Therefore, it is recommended that you authenticate your account by loging in with valid
email and password to avoid service suspension.

You have to admire the sign off as ‘Henry Morgan‘, it’s a pretty big wink to sign off your phishing email as a privateer (pirate).

Of course the auth link actually points at mailboxupgrade.xyz and is flagged as deceptive by current browsers;

Please do the following:
* Do not forward the email to others
* Do not reply to the email
* Delete this email without opening it.

If you accidentally clicked on the link in the email or replied to it, please contact your IT support.

Verdict: Straight to the trash for you!

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