Live your life to the full!

This morning was Bram Cassidy’s London Marathon Fundraising Challenge Brunch with Heather Hawkins. Heather gave a great talk on her adventures, and finished her talk with a reading from her book “Adventurous Spirit” that is worth repeating;

❝ But it’s your turn now.
I’d love you to close your eyes and sit quietly for a moment. Think about your life and friends and loved ones. About your dreams and the hopes you have in life.
Forget about your battles and the discouragements of the past and the doubts that may be holding you back.
Be kind to yourself. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Listen to the instincts that bubble up from deep within …
It’s time for you to go … go somewhere you’ve never been before and do something new.
Follow a passion, act on an adventure, get fitter, sign up for an event, volunteer, raise funds for charity, start a new hobby, a project, travel around your comfort zone, then push your boundaries further out.
But most of all, be brave, live in hope, and everyday — no matter what it may bring, or how you may feel — live your life to the full! ❞

#Adventure #AdventurousSpirit

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