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Natsukashii (なつかしい) (Japanese, a.) /na̠t͡sɨ̥ᵝka̠ɕiː/ a nostalgic longing for the past, with happiness for the fond memory, yet sadness that it is no longer 📷 King Hut, King Valley – Whitfield region, Alpine National Park #PositiveLexicography

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The Walk to Rivendell : Woods of Lothlórien

Continuing Jan. 15 – Outside Moria 382/611.2 0.5 STOP to vent grief. Then continue down rough, winding trail. 383.5/613.6 1.5 Durin’s Stone and Mirrormere. Stop briefly, then continue south on road. 384/614.4 0 Pause at the spring of the Silverlode. … Continue reading

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