Barkley – the Australian number plates

A follow up to some banter on Twitter during last weekend’s Barkley Marathons; we saw Isobel hand over her number plate to Laz. But who are the names behind the other Australian number plates hanging in the camp ground?

Entry Fees: The application fee is $1.60 and is non-refundable (in case it is not obvious, we are in this for the money). Applications (and application fees) will be required of both weight listers and accepted runners (this comes to more than a hundred dollars!! (Even after incidental race expenses this is a huge windfall). For accepted runners the actual entry fee will vary. For virgins (those making their first attempt at the Barkley) the fee is a license plate from your home state or country. For veterans (those who have failed at the Barkley before) the entry fee is a pair of gold-toe dress socks (dark blue or black). For alumni (any of the 14 runners who have completed the Barkley) the entry fee is a pack of regular camel filter cigarettes. It is preferred that the entry fees & entry forms be submitted thru the mail prior to the actual event, except for the cigarettes from the alumni. ❞
Barkley Marathons Entry Information.

TMK-724 (VIC)
With Isobel Ross providing an insight on the Barley registration process and number plate handover process during this year’s Barkley, it’s worth a look at the other Australian number plates hanging in the camp site.

1AJK-713 (WA)
The WA plate is Nicki Rehn (2013);

The cost of entry into the Barkley Marathons is $1.60 and a number plate. And maybe my soul.

Nicki has run the Barkley 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018.

A Western Australian number plate now hangs in the history books.

2013 Results [1]
03/30/13 through 04/01/13
Loop 1
17 Nicki Rehn AU         11:10:39

BH-75-VV (NSW)
Next, the NSW plate 😉 Two options for NSW but as it was already hanging in 2018 suggests Rebecca Wilcox = Bec Wilcock from Sydney now LA. (2016). 31.11 – 45.27 Challenges, Failure and The Barkley.
( NSW registration check: 1988 White Ford Laser Sedan, reg expired 08-Sep-2012 )

The most challenging part of the race was navigating around the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, using only a compass and a map, when you’re sleep deprived and physically and mentally exhausted.

2016 Results [1]
Apr. 2-4, 2016. 10:42 AM start.
Loop 1
21 Rebecca Wilcox AUS      11:33:38
22 Niki Rehn NZL           11:37:36

ELR-583 (VIC)
There is also another Victorian plate 🤔 Was this Grant Maughan from Newcastle, Australia? (2018)

Virgins at Barkley usually cling to a veteran for at least the first loop to try to learn the navigation so as to make it back in time to start the next loop. I figured this was excellent advice and hung with Aussie veteran Nicki Rehn.

2018 Results [1]
Mar. 24, 2018. 9:33 AM start.
Loop 1
18	Nicki Rehn		AUS	12:19:23
21	Grant Maughan		AUS	12:38:15

Or are we missing someone?

[1] The Barkley Marathons – 100 Mile Run [Matt Mahoney]

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