2019 Himalayan Spring Climbing Season

❝ While winter in the Karakorum ended this weekend, with the retreat of Alex Txikon and his team to Base Camp on K2, spring in the Himalaya has officially begun.
Typically, the first sign of spring is not a robin or the equinox itself, but the puja ceremony to please the mountain gods before the Icefall Doctors begin their work at the base of Mount Everest. Eight Sherpas performed that ritual, and the pre-monsoon climbing season in Nepal’s Himalaya is underway. ❞
Himalayan Spring Roundup: Everest, Annapurna, Jannu
(2019-Mar-18) [ExplorersWeb]

I noticed that my old summary links to get quick expedition updates were getting old and ragged and it was definitely time for an update.

❝ China is to restrict the number of climbers attempting to scale Mount Everest from the north by up to one-third this year as part of a major cleanup of the world’s highest peak.
The total number of people allowed to climb from the mountain via Tibet will be limited to fewer than 300, Chinese state media reported on Monday. The climbing season will also be restricted to spring, the season in which the world’s highest mountain is almost invariably attempted. ❞
Mount Everest climber numbers face major cut as China starts cleanup
(2019-Jan-21) [The Guardian]

Mount Everest Forecast, Spring 2019
Although the climax of the Everest climbing season remains almost two months away, we can already predict a few things about spring 2019. The Climate Prediction Center suggests a 40% chance of a drier-than-normal spring and cooler temperatures for most of Tibet. This should lead to normal or slightly less-than-normal snowmelt and sunnier weather. The snowpack should remain until late in the season. ❞
Forecasting the Weather on Mount Everest
(2019-Mar-29) [ExplorersWeb]

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