New snowshoeing backpack

If it works for the Search & Rescue specialists, it’s a good bet it will work for you.

One Planet Stiletto High-visibility
The Stiletto High-visibility pack was originally developed for search-and-rescue teams in Antarctica but is now available for outdoor professionals. It has all the features of the Stiletto, but is eye-burningly bright. (It’s also made from 1000-denier nylon rather than Waterloc canvas, and has a shovel carrying system and extended compression straps.)
The Stiletto has quick-release fittings for two ice axes (points are neatly tucked away for safety) and plenty of attachment points, keeping the tools of the trade handy.

2 x Hipbelt Pocket
One Planet Hipbelt Pockets can be easily attached to the Exact Fit Mid, as well as both old and new Exact Fit harnesses.

An optional daypack can be secured to the front or back; need to confirm that this is the best model.
Daypack: Hitchhiker
Option: Hi Vis
The Hitchhiker loves a trip, whether it’s round the galaxy or to a local park. Its neat outline, simple features (bike-light loop, stretch pocket) and clever extras (water-resistant zips) make it a popular companion to take along for the ride.

✅ Pack: $589.00
✅ Pockets: 2 x $29.95
✅ Daypack: $149.00

Single Radio Harness High-Visibility
One Planet’s Single Radio Harness is used and preferred by ski patrollers, outdoor instructors and heavy industry workers throughout Australia and New Zealand. It has an adjustable holster that suits almost every available radio, a comfortable, adjustable harness system designed for radio stability, a flat notebook pocket and a pen holster

❎ Radio harness: $109.00
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