This weeks links (2019-04-15)

Sugarloaf Crew Run

In brief:

* Exclusive Good Omens clip introduces the adorable Antichrist (2019-Apr-14) [EW]

* You vs Wild review – I tried so hard to feed Bear Grylls to a crocodile (2019-Apr-11) [Guardian]

* These Books by Badass Women Will Inspire Your Next Adventure (2019-Apr-03) [Shape]


* Why the world is going crazy for parkrun (2019-Apr-13) [Adelaide Now]
It’s parkrun — always lower case, always one word — and it’s basically a 5km organised Saturday-morning fun run.
The difference between parkrun and other running events, and the main reason for its incredible popularity, is that this is running entirely without judgment.


* “Feel the pace of the peloton over the famous Paris-Roubaix cobbles”

Some reading/listening:

* 📻 Old Time Radio – Cruise of the Poll Parrot [Internet Archive]
by Old Time Radio Researchers Group
… The Cruise of the Poll Parrot takes place in 1858 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, center of the United States whaling industry. Besides Captain Roy Dalton, the cast included Ezra Grange, owner of the Poll Parrot, Ezra’s little sister Sue, and her friend Johnny Robbins. Other characters on the show were first mate George Wainwright, a one legged sailor named Old Dickson, a muteness crew member named Red Mahooley, ship keeper Breckenridge, and El Testi who was an agent for another shipping company.

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