Wednesday Win (2019-MAY-15)

Masterclass about ‘Path to Everest’ with Kilian Jornet
Here you ha some thoughts and considerations on my Summits of my life project and my new film #PathToEverest 🏔

Kílian Jornet is the GOAT | Rich Roll Podcast
Named one of National Geographic Adventurers of the Year in 2014 and 2018, mountain and ultra runner Kílian Jornet is amongst the world’s greatest and most dominant living athletes. This is his remarkable story.

Path to Everest (Trailer)
Surrounded by the mountains and people who are his inspiration, in ‘Path to Everest’, the mountain athlete reveals his most intimate fears, contradictions and passions. Summits of My Life is the personal project of Kilian Jornet, in which for five years he has traveled to some of the most important peaks of the planet to try to establish FKT (fastest known time) of ascent and descent of some of the most emblematic mountains of the world. The project is closely linked to values and a way of understanding the purist and minimalist mountain. The experiences lived in each challenge have been captured in different films.


❄️ More climbing than running, worthwhile watching.
Some interesting questions around acceptable risk.
It was good to have seen Testing Ourselves by Kilian Jornet an Emelie Forsberg at Mountainfilm on Tour 2019, and before watching Path to Everest, to place some of the risk discussion in some more context.

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